100% Legal Cannabis Flavoured eSpliff

"Feeling fine....without the crime"

Interesting facts about the E-Njoint™ disposable cannabis flavour...

The E-Njoint™ disposable cannabis flavour is 100% natural and perfectly legal. The components applied are used in the food and beverage industry all over the world.

Even though our formulation is THC and CBD free, the applied ingredients, as many other food ingredients do,

can have an effect on the human body and mind. The receptor proteins that are already present in the human body are stimulated/boosted by the natural ingredients provided. This is commonly known and nothing new. Several official publications can be found on the internet about this subject.

We have isolated certain terpenoids (sometimes called isoprenoids) from natural products and added them to our composition to match a typical old-school cannabis flavour. The main reason why we have been looking for the original taste and smell is that during the past decades, a wide variety of strains were cross-linked, resulting in (for example) very sweet cannabis flavour or really strong flowerlike tastes.

At this moment there are dozens of different cannabis flavours available on the market and presenting one flavour stating its cannabis taste will trigger hundreds of different opinions from hundreds of people that all smoke different cannabis strains. We would have as many different opinions as there are smokers.

Going back to the original strains and matching that pure and honest cannabis taste, allows everyone to take a step back in time and experience what the cannabis plant used to be like, growing naturally without fertilizers, boosters, pesticides etc. In other words, the cannabis plant the way nature intended it to be, and believe us, it is an exceptionably special plant that mother nature has given us.

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